Benefits of the ClO2 Generator

The fundamental and main advantages of this ClO2 generator

  1. Purity of the produced gas. It does not contain any chemical impurities.
  2. Only one solution - sodium chlorite - is used for production. No acid or "activator" is needed.
  3. The ultra-pure solution of CDS will be for everyone. Many people would like to use CDS but they do not dare to produce it, and do not trust products available for retail purchase. They do not dare to mix solutions not to speak about letting something react at certain temperatures, etc.
  4. Product speed - a 0.3 liter glass with water is saturated in about 3 minutes at 150 ppm.
  5. The production volume - from one generator load ( 0.2 l of sodium chlorite), you can produce approximately 150 liters of a 150 ppm solution .
  6. The purity of ClO2 - ClO2 gas produced by electrolysis is much more tolerable and finer than the chemically produced one. It is thanks to a completely new method of electrochemical production of ClO2 and the absence of impurities in solution.
  7. Equipment mobility of equipment - you can freely transport or transfer the generator in a "travel state" - essentially anywhere. The weight of the filled generator - only 0.7kg
  8. Cost of equipment - comparable e.g. with a pair of luxury shoes
  9. Power consumption of the generator is approx. 4 W - low energy intensity
  10. Production capability even in areas with no power supply - using power banks, solar power banks etc.

The platinum electrodes are used in the device ensuring the durability of dozens of years.  

Device power supply: The generator is powered using a USB power source. It is therefore possible to use almost any mobile phone charger, power bank or USB output from the PC.

Of course, the generator can produce any concentration of the solution, so you can produce an extremely strong concentrate at home and then dilute it to the desired concentration. 


12 Hrs

12 Hrs = 20 L CDS / 500 ppm !